Mercedes-AMG Introduces the New Twin-Turbo E43

Mercedes-AMG Twin-Turbo E43

Mercedes-Benz has always managed to get appreciation from its users due to its luxurious interior, hi-tech features, smooth handling and perfection in style. The new Mercedes-AMG E43 has been released by the company at New York Auto Show earlier this year. It is the superior E- class car with striking features. This E-class is considered as one of the best-selling class of the Mercedes since its first generation came up in 1933. The 10th generation of this class was shown by the company at Detroit Motor Show 2016 in which E43 has got unveiled as the supreme E-Class Car. This E43 Mercedes car is a luxury vehicle and has a breath-taking design. The performance of the car also gets enhanced in fact; it is claimed as the fasted E-class car till date. Another Mercedes E-class vehicle E63 is also in contention for a launch next year and till that does not happen, E43 will remain the fastest car of this series. The car presents a tantalizing blend of speed class and performance hardly found in any other E-Class car.

The engine’s capacity

With 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, E43 produces 401 horsepower with a sufficient amount of torque i.e. 520Nm. These numbers identify the strength of its engine’s capacity.  This engine power enables the E43 to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds. This E-class car can generate 34hp more horsepower than C43, of which it is the previous version but the torque in both vehicles remains the same. There is another addition in E43 that is Air Body Control-based suspension. The torque gets divided between the front and rear wheel with the ratio of 31:69 in order to keep the car balanced.

Driving Modes of E43

There are five different modes that can be chosen by the drivers. These modes are:

  • Eco
  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • Sport Plus
  • Individual

The eco mode improves the efficiency, sport plus lessens the gear box’s shift time.

The new Mercedes-AMG E43 has arrived with the proper body kit, quad exhaust tips and 19-inch 5-spoke high gloss black AMG wheels. 20-inch two-tone wheels can also be chosen. Brakes with 360mm x 36mm disc at the front and 360mm x 26mm discs at the rear makes the E43 more powerful.

Mercedes-AMG-E43 2017

Expected arrival

E 43 is expected to make it to the GCC markets in the beginning of the next year.

Price of Mercedes-AMG E43

The price of the Mercedes AMG 43 has not been revealed yet and its price will be revealed near the market launch of this car. E-class cars are expensive class of cars as they tend to have all the up to date features so we can expect this vehicle to be expensive as well. It is a must buy for those who demand for ultimate luxury with class.