4 All Time Favorite Brands for Used Cars in Dubai

used cars in Dubai by brands

The auto industry of Dubai is growing by leaps and bounds due to new and used cars in Dubai. Many auto brands are strengthening their foothold in the auto market for used cars in Dubai and offering the people in Dubai a great opportunity to buy the car of their choice. The interest of the top car makers in the Dubai auto market continues to enhance the potential of the market. People in Dubai have the inclining towards specific brands of cars. They love them because the cars of these brands are reliable, easy to handle and provides great engine performance.

We shall discuss here four of the most favorite brands for used cars in Dubai:

Toyota – The High in Brand for Used cars in Dubai

Toyota is one of the best-selling brands in Dubai. Toyota receives such accolades in Dubai due to its classy cars with strong performance features and updated technologies. Toyota is producing hybrid cars for more than a decade and this production has given the Toyota a new and stronger identity in the auto industry. Toyota Prius hybrid was a breakthrough in the history of Toyota cars as it was its first Hybrid. The most important reason for Toyota standing on the top of the list for used cars in Dubai and other corners of the world is that Toyota cars have the best resale price in general. The Off-Road vehicles of Toyota are a treat to drive and have great customer base among used cars in Dubai.

used cars toyota in Dubai

BMW- The Exquisite Car Brand

BMW has built its strong reputation on the global level but it has got huge success in Dubai car market in recent times. It has even got best-ever annual sales results in 2013. BMW has also made the record for the sale of its X5 for used cars for sale in Dubai.  Since its first generation, it has remained a leader in the auto industry due to the best off-road characteristics.

used cars bmw dubai

Nissan – The Reliable Car Brand

Talking about the used cars in Dubai, how can Dubai natives forget the sales record of Altima in 2012? In that year the car shared 23 percent of the whole revenue in the local car market. Nissan is building some of the finest cars in the world with the best resale prices. Nissan cars in Dubai are known for their best durability, high performance and strong features.

nissan used car in Dubai

Mercedes-The name of Real Luxury

Mercedes has gained extreme popularity for its new and used cars in Dubai and recorded a noteworthy growth rate over the past years. In 2013, Mercedes sold six thousand units in the Middle East. Mercedes and its versions were able to gain this fame for the best used cars in Dubai due to high resale price, classy performance and luxurious ride.

Mercedes used in Dubai