Compact Car Reviews – The 2019 Suzuki Jimny Reviewed!

Compact Car Reviews – The 2019 Suzuki Jimny Reviewed!

Compact car reviews have a new name of the all-new Suzuki Jimny that is going to hit the UAE car market soon with its fourth generation. Though Jimny is not new in the automotive industry but is going to bring the boxy and unorthodox style in the market. According to the compact car reviews, previous models were not as successful as anticipated, whereas the new 2019 model is expected to bring plenty of power, muscle and new features. The all-new model of Suzuki Jimny has its own cult following, rugged performance and capacity to give better handling. The interior is also revamped to make it look more modern while retaining the boxy rugged exterior style.

The fourth-generation Jimny falls in the compact SUVs category with an affordable price tag and packs powerful performance along with some major upgrades. Here is a closer look at the design, upgraded performance and features of the 2019 Suzuki Jimny as per the compact car reviews.

Design of the All-new Suzuki Jimny – Compact Car Reviews

The previous generation Jimny was highly criticised for its flaws in design while being an off-roader a lot of high expectations are attached to it. The body-on-frame design retains the 2019 model of this off-roader, with beam axles in the rear and front, and a ladder-frame chassis. To give this sub-compact SUV an aggressive look, the design features are kept as part of the Jimny, as if the owner wants to add larger tires or wheel for off-roading or want to modify the suspension. This is an added advantage of the body-on-frame design when it comes to pickups, SUVs and other off-road vehicles for suspension modification.


Many design elements are still found in the all-new Jimny as part of the heritage, while the LED headlamps with washer, optimised bumper for increased clearance, and practical drip rail to keep your head dry are some of the new design features. The front grille has vertical slats, the clamshell hood having horizontal slit-like openings give it a new look for the fourth-gen Suzuki Jimny.

Exterior Design of the All-new Suzuki Jimny

The distinct Jimny looks according to the compact car reviews, say the rear combination lamps are gathered at the rear bumper and provide better visibility to the other motorists. Also, the simple headlamps from the previous model with independent indicators are part of the design heritage. The new exterior design elements offer functionality and better performance of the vehicle on all terrains and to make your adventure rides more fun and memorable.


Simplicity along with functionality to cause a minimum distraction during driving is the key philosophy of the 2019 Suzuki Jimny. The every design detail in interior and cabin is meant to provide functionality and offer a better driving experience to the driver.  It has a stain and scratch resistant dashboard, instrument panel to the button, switches and the toggles. The 2019 Jimny also has a 7-inch infotainment display which will be available for higher trim models only. As the Suzuki kept an affordable price tag for this subcompact off-roader, one might not find world-class materials used for the interior, but the quality is not compromised.

Interior Design of the All-new Suzuki Jimny

2019 Suzuki Jimny has 13.3 cubic feet of interior space, which is relevantly higher than the previous model, and the rear seats can be folded to offer more in-cabin space. The 1.9 cubic feet bigger space as compared to its predecessors serve as an added advantage for the Jimny fans. The Suzuki has emphasised on providing better legroom for rear passengers and focused on making it spacious to fulfil all the needs of adventure lover people. The down-to-earth design, as said by the company, makes it a pleasure to ride in this off-roader. The design details are attractively crafted and thoughtfully created to serve the purpose of its creation which is off-roading by maintaining a sensible design. By staying true to its roots and having a simple design, the interior goes with the theme and purpose of the creation of the 2019 Suzuki Jimny. It has a seating capacity for 4 people and has a 3,480mm length from front to rear bumper.

Performance Attributes – Compact Car Reviews

The compact car reviews describe the all-new Suzuki Jimny is a serious off-road machine with three ample body angles, ladder frame and 4WD. It also has 3-link rigid axles suspension with coil spring which enables this SUV to deliver good performance on all terrains. The 2019 Suzuki Jimny is equipped with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that can produce 100 horsepower and 96 Lb-Ft. of torque. The lightweight and high-performance engine also give good fuel efficiency so the driver does not have to compromise as said by many compact car reviews. It has two transmission options to choose from, a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission. The all-new Jimny has a top speed of 90 mph if the engine is mated to 5-speed manual transmission, and 87 mph if the engine is mated to 4-speed automatic transmission as per the compact car reviews.

Performance Design of the All-new Suzuki Jimny

Compact car reviews claim that the 2019 Jimny is much more than showing speed and power, it is an off-roader and comes with technologies and features which enables it to deliver a thrilling ride on all terrains. The drive settings, for instance, adapt to ever situation, whether front wheel drive to 4wheel mode and provide maximum torque and traction. The ALLGRIP PRO delivers great on and off-road drive with its driving modes, and the Brake LSD Traction Control for providing a better grip even on wet roads. The Hill Descent Control system lets the driver maintain a fixed speed and automatically apply brakes without using brake pedal or clutch. Whereas, the Hill Hold Control system allows the driver to move onward and upwards on steep slopes, bumpy slopes and prevents rolling.

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Safety Features

The 2019 Suzuki Jimny is laced with some essential car safety features along with other technological features to make your drives safe and smooth according to the compact car reviews. As the Suzuki worked to make it a more off-roader in an affordable budget, there might not be tons of safety features, but the essential ones to ensure a safe drive and provide assistance on all-terrains. These are some of the safety features of the 2019 Suzuki Jimny subcompact SUV are;

  • High Beam Assist
  • DSBS
  • Weaving Alert
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Traffic sign recognition

Price and Availability in the UAE

The compact car reviews have speculated that the 2019 model of the Suzuki Jimny subcompact SUV will be available by the start of the next year. Though the 2018 model is available in the UAE car market at a very affordable price tag. Until now the price is not disclosed by the Suzuki for the 2019 model, but it is expected to remain in an affordable subcompact SUV segment.