Car Reviews of the Four Most Expensive and Popular Cars in the World

Car Reviews of the Four Most Expensive and Popular Cars in the World

Car reviews take an interesting lead when they are not about just one super amazing car, but when they cover more than one car. Those cars that are not merely the stunning beauties, but also known as the most expensive ones in the history. It is only the overwhelming response of the car buyers and enthusiasts that convince the automakers to produce more of such performance automobiles.

Many efforts are involved to design a stunning beauty that is capable to conquer the road with its powerful dynamic profile. If interested in buying, car fanatics never hesitate to buy such cars no matter how high its price goes.

Here are car reviews of some of the extremely popular and expensive automobiles ever built.

Koenigsegg One: 1 – Leading the Company in Style

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a famous manufacturer of high performance automobiles in Sweden. One of its world famous fastest super car ever built is known by the name Koenigsegg One: 1. The word “One” in the name depicts the astonishing curb weight ratio. The ratio was 1360bhp to 1360kg and one megawatt is equivalent to 1360bhp. This amazing supercar was known as the “world’s first megacar.”

Koenigsegg One: 1 – Leading the Company in Style

Koenigsegg One was unveiled for the first time at Geneva Motor Show in March 2014. Only seven cars of this model were built and they were sold successfully as well.

The drivability factors include the same variant of engine that was used in Ageras. It had a 5.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 engine that has the tendency to produce 1,014 Kilowatt at an RPM of 7500. An exclusive 7- speed dual clutch transmission with paddle shifters was added to the car.

The amazing car ratings and reviews of this beautiful sports car, Koenigsegg One, show that it was not merely a powerful ride. However, it was furnished properly with all the essential and latest technology systems such as:

  • ECS: Electronic Control Stability System
  • ABS: Active Brake System
  • Active Ride Height
  • Power Brakes
  • 6-point Racing Seatbelts
  • Intelligent LifePo4 Battery
  • Tyre Monitoring System
  • Proximity Key
  • Rear View Camera

Koenigsegg One was not the only ravishing model produced by the company. The company is also world famous for its major contribution towards green environment technology. CCXR and many other of its vehicles are flexible fuel vehicles that greatly reduce the load of fuel on natural resources.

Lykan-Hypersport by W Motors – A Famous Movie Car

A Middle-East based company, W motors, manufactured its one of the most expensive and ravishing masterpiece for speed lovers. The engineers from Lebanon, France and Italy strived hard to provide one amazing sports car, Lykan-Hypersport that is going to be the ever-most-remembered car in the history.

What car reviews reflect is indeed the combined feedback of the car lovers as well as of other car companies. The powerful performance is supported by a 3.7-litre engine that produced 780 horsepower at RPM of 7100. An exclusive layout of the boxer engine helped the car to achieve a brilliant top speed of 385 Km/h.

Lykan-Hypersport by W Motors – A Famous Movie Car

The car was a true picture of a perfect blend that not only amused the speed lovers but proved to be a treat for the eyes of every car enthusiast. The rugged structure was made up of carbon fiber composition that not only made the exterior strong, but helped to gain a perfect dynamic profile as well.

The incredibly amazing sports car made many records and one such record was about its design elements. The exterior design features the unique headlights that carry titanium LED blades along with 420 diamonds. The expert review cars like this and find it really hard for themselves to spot any the equivalent competing cars.

Lykan-Hypersport car was featured in an American action movie Fast and Furious 7. The company intend to produce only seven such masterpieces in future. The car was sold at a starting price of US $3.4 million and made a record to be known as the third most expensive vehicle ever built.

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Ferrari FXX K – Car Reviews for a Perfect Design for Maximum Efficiency

There have been many car reviews about the cars that have delivered the powerful performance with their strong engine attributes. However, one wouldn’t have come across a car like Ferrari FXX K. It is a successor model of the very popular FXX and 599XX.

Ferrari FXX K – Car Reviews for a Perfect Design for Maximum Efficiency

The vehicle featured many of the latest innovations in itself and made its first ever appearance in the Yas Marina Circuit. The K in the name refers to the efficient system of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that was employed for its manufacturing to get the best and effective performance of the vehicle.

The combined power output delivered by V12 engine of Ferrari FXX K was of 1,036 horsepower and torque produced was 664lb-ft.

The car was a street-legal production model that was capable of driving in four available modes.

  • Qualify
  • Long Run
  • Fast Charge
  • Manual Boost

Car reviews never forget to mention the innovation it made in developing a dynamic profile of body of Ferrari FXX K. The complete assembly of Pirelli slicks with sensors makes the motion of the vehicle even more under control. These sensors provide a complete data regarding longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration and helps to record the temperature pressure data as well.

Well, to count one could find many of the associated attributes that make Ferrari FXX K a standout model amongst many popular sports cars. Even if it is about the aerodynamics factor or it is about the stunning design elements, it has everything what it takes for to get the attention of maximum buyers.

It was a limited production model, however, the company sold it at a starting price of $ 2.7 million.

2017 Centenario Lamborghini – A Dedication in the Memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini

The ravishing beauty, 2017 Centenario Lamborghini, made its worldwide debut in the 2016 at Geneva Motor Show. It was a limited production vehicle that was considered as the build on version of the previous modified version of Aventador. It costs around $ 2.23 million and detailed car reviews show that it is worth it.

2017 Centenario Lamborghini – A Dedication in the Memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini

The V12 engine powers the 2017 Centenario Lamborghini to produce 770 horsepower and 690 Nm of torque at RPM of 5,500. The carbon fiber made body was beautifully designed to mesmerize its viewers. The large air inlets, uniquely designed headlights and bumper, the skirts, the front splitter and beautifully designed wheel arches were all focused to give a design that would do many wonders on the road.

The powerful engine along with an automatic ISR 7-speed transmission system helped to achieve the car maximum speed of 350 km/h.

In an opinion of experts who review cars, the previous model, Avatendor, might have conquered the roads with the amazing attributes. However, the even more successful vehicle, 2017 Centenario Lamborghini, has outdone every such automobile by delivering its powerful yet reliable performance.

Always Seek the Benefits!

No doubt, car reviews have always benefited the reader in multiple ways. Other than proving helpful to car buyers, car reviews seem to be a good source for many car enthusiast who can’t afford such expensive cars.

The breathtaking design and appearance of all such cars, sometimes, seem to present a fair enough deal of their price. Even if one can’t afford to buy any such sport car, the specifications alone are worth to read.